Mary Edith Calton Jones of the Ivans Ward, Salt Lake Wells Stake, turned 100 on Feb. 27.

Louise Stephens Baughman of the Douglas Ward, Salt Lake Central Stake, turned 102 on March 1.

Ezna Luella Thompson Burns Greene of the Cottonwood 1st Ward, Salt Lake Cottonwood Stake, turns 100 on March 5.

Alta May Walbertson Ambrose of the Twin Falls 14th Ward, Twin Falls Idaho West Stake, will turn 100 on March 9.

Lela Woffinden of the Walla Walla 3rd Ward, Walla Walla Washington Stake, will turn 100 on March 9.

Ora Cluff McBride of the Safford 4th Ward, Safford Arizona Stake, will turn 103 on March 11.

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