Missionary moments: Vision of future

While touring the Lima Peru Bishops' Storehouse as part of an area review, I observed a young man carefully aligning small bags of food on the storehouse shelves. He would place a bag on the shelf with one hand and with the other hand he would form a straight line against which he placed the new bag so that the stacks were straight and sturdy. Our guide, noticing that I was watching this activity, shared the rest of the story with me.

At a young age, Renso Ramos found himself regularly using alcohol and drugs with his friends. Not being a member of the Church at the time, Renso was looking for fun and thrills. One dark night, Renso was involved in a very serious automobile accident which resulted in the loss of his eyesight. Renso's father, who at the time was a professional jockey, cared for his son and constantly searched for things that Renso could do to feel worthwhile.

The Ramos' search for meaningful projects landed them in the bishops' storehouse in Lima.

There, they worked together in behalf of the poor and needy and eventually joined the Church. Father and son now regularly attend the temple together when they are not serving in the storehouse.

I looked at the products stacked neatly throughout the storehouse with new vision that day. The Ramos father and son had been blessed with finding the gospel because of the opportunities for service that the storehouse provided. Though selfishness and wrong choices resulted in the loss of his temporal sight, selfless service has restored in Renso and his family a clear, eternal picture and vision of the future. He gratefully enjoys the love of his Savior, Jesus Christ, and understands that this eternal sight is a blessing that he can share with everyone who enters the storehouse. — Richard Long, Welfare Services

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