Video: I'm Mehrla. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I am the oldest of three girls and have three girls of my own. I came to America as a child and feel blessed to be able to raise my daughters here. I want them to know and connect with their past and to understand how lucky they truly are to have the opportunities they have. My girls were all born in New York City where we lived for a decade. Now, we live in the Great West. My life is a struggle to learn and teach. I am striving to teach my girls how to live good lives, to be honest, moral, and strong women. I also try to teach law students. I feel like a novice in both of those endeavors and I am constantly asking for God's help.

Why I am a Mormon

Living the gospel is a constant reminder to me to live a compassionate life. The gospel teaches me that my life is not just to be lived for me alone. I need to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. When I learn the lessons of the Gospel, I feel as though I am being reminded of something I have always known. I feel peaceful when I serve and love my neighbors. I feel joy being part of a group of people who are striving to be better and trying to overcome their natural weaknesses. Living Christ's laws is a constant struggle, but "His burden is light"--at least lighter than my other mundane burdens. He just asks that we give him our will so that he can make us better. I think religion is about action and about change--through my good works, I am hoping that I will be changed into a good person.

Personal Stories

What are you doing to help strengthen your family and make it successful?

Every Monday, we have a family night. It's my daughters' favorite night of the week. We sing a song together and pray together and then we give a short lesson for example, about sharing or service or prayer and then we play a game like duck, duck, goose and we have a treat. We look forward to it and it helps us keep some peace in a house that is often chaotic.

How I live my faith

I want to put "Try" in the sentence. I try to live my faith by serving and loving others. I try to live my faith by teaching my children about what it takes to love God and love their neighbors. I try to live my faith by being an honest person. I also try to teach my students that it is their responsibility to use their degrees to serve others and address injustices. I try to be a good wife, a good mother, a good neighbor, and a good citizen. I have had several jobs in the church where I have been able to help others. I have worked a lot with some of the youth in Harlem, New York and I have been able to help them make good decisions and offer some guidance about how to succeed in their schooling and find meaningful careers.

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