Education Week: Finding Joy in Life's Journey'

In a lecture presented Friday afternoon, Aug. 19, as a part of Campus Education Week at BYU, Randal A. Wright gave a lesson on "Finding Joy in Life's Journey." He focused on how members need to remember to remain positive and happy because they have the gospel and, therefore, have all the keys to enriching their lives and reaching eternal life, which is the ultimate happiness.

He said some of the ways to be consistently happy are to have a good attitude, build up those around them, laugh more, and to adopt positive attitude about life and their circumstances.

"As we go through life, let's be positive and lift others up during and throughout life's journey," Brother Wright said. "How could anybody be unhappy with the gospel of Jesus Christ and with the knowledge of where they're going?"

He reminded the class not to get discouraged and to make sure they try new things. He said if they want to do something bold and new such as try out for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, don't not audition because they feel like you wouldn't make it. He said they've already not made it into the choir by not auditioning, so they should take the leap of faith and see if they can make it.

Brother Wright said there are many times when they are put through a trial that makes them particularly miserable. Then later in life they tell the story to friends and laugh about how awful the situation was, such as living in an apartment infested with cockroaches, or somewhere so hot it seems useless to take a shower. He said if they're going to laugh about it later, why not laugh about it now?

He told the class not to compare themselves to other people because everyone is important. He told them to stop focusing on how they need to be like other people, and focus on what they need to do personally in this life.

"Everyone looks at their weak points, and others' strong points and forget to look at what the Lord wants us to do," Brother Wright said. "We are the Lord's children and we're all different and unique."

Along with that he reminded the class that as they look around at others, not to judge them. Looks can be deceiving and there are a lot of good people out there who aren't members of the Church. He said they have no idea what others have been through and everybody needs someone to care about them and to build them up.

Finally, he encouraged the class members to build their testimony on Jesus Christ. If they try to be like Him they will find that they are happier and their lives will be easier. When they figure out what the work is, and what the Lord wants for them, they can better see the great blessings they have in this life.

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