New stake presidents

New Stakes

A new stake has been created from the Eagle Idaho and Meridian Idaho Paramount stakes. The Star Idaho Stake, which includes the Beacon Light, Lochsa Falls, Silverleaf, Star 1st, Star 2nd, Star 3rd and Verona wards, was created by Elder Kent J. Allen, an Area Seventy.

STAR IDAHO STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2011) President — Kenneth J. Firmage, 45, vice president of sales for True Science; wife, Sonja Dee Wright Firmage. Counselors — Gary Richard Tanner Jr., 48, seminary teacher/principal; wife, Sherri Lee Haworth Tanner. Brent Doyle Frogley, 57, detective with the Boise Police Department; wife, Becky Lynn Benquist Frogley.

Stake reorganizations

BISMARCK NORTH DAKOTA STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2011) President — Timothy Charles Cox, 56, president of Northland Healthcare Alliance; succeeding Rhoderic C. Greenhalgh; wife, Karla Joy Bench Cox. Counselors — Neil Thomas Nordquist, 65, dean of the College of Education and Health Sciences at Minot State University; wife, Renée Harris Nordquist. Richard Daryl Majors, 61, information technology and communications director for Montana-Dakota Utility; wife, Treva Larie Wells Majors.

HENDERSON NEVADA ANTHEM STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2011) President — David Wendell Gates, 55, dentist; succeeding Ivan M. Holland; wife, Carole Borgholthaus Gates. Counselors — Max Fred Jacobsen, 70, teacher; wife, Linda Lee Jones Jacobsen. Jeffery William Hadley, 48, dentist; wife, Jennifer Leigh Clark Hadley.

LINDON UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2011) President — David Clark Wilkes, 50, vice president of engineering at Novell; succeeding David P. Harding; wife, Patricia Rigby Wilkes. Counselors — Steven Lionel Pugmire, 50, consultant; wife, Heidi Lynne McCotter Pugmire. Mark David Eddy, 38, partner/attorney with Hansen Wright Eddy Haws; wife, Annette Allen Eddy.

LINDON UTAH STAKE: (Aug. 21, 2011) President — Wayne Howe Corbridge, 59, owner/chief executive officer of Sego Homes; succeeding Mark F. Rogers; wife, Brenda Williams Corbridge. Counselors — Chris L. Wells, 51, vice president of business development for Kynetx Inc.; wife, Teresa Ann Harding. Mark William Eisele, 50, owner/consultant for Stray Dog Investments; wife, Anne Marie Corbett Eisele.

MONTEREY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2011) President — Brent Thomas Green, 48, certified public accountant; succeeding Reed Thomas Jacobs; wife, Marsha Anne Sais Green. Counselors — Kerry Lane Varney, 46, executive vice president at Tanimura & Antle; wife, Lisa Lea Hyllested Varney. Stuart Jone Dong, 55, agent for State Farm Insurance; wife, Carma Irene Pangle Dong.

QUINCY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2011) President — Christian Thomas Meyers, 48, building contractor; succeeding Dennis D. Struve; wife, Christine Holly Meyers. Counselors — Norman Allen Gollnick, 61, teacher at Johnstonville Elementary; wife, Mary Ann Shumway Gollnick. Ronald Scott Martin, 43, alarm technician; wife, Nichole Ann Cornforth Martin.

SONSONATE EL SALVADOR STAKE: (June 12, 2011) President — Teodoro Franklin Henriquez, 47, supervisor; succeeding Alvaro Rene Cantarero Z.; wife, Estela Abigail Turcios Henriquez. Counselors — Henry David Sánchez Velasco, 33, plant manager; wife, Wendy Alexandra Flores Sánchez. Jorge Alberto Carranza Estrada, 33, employed by Quimics Laboratory; wife, Morena Yamilleth Rosales Carranza.

TYLER TEXAS STAKE: (Aug. 14, 2011) President — Jonathan Reeves Brough, 51, physician; succeeding Evan Grover Nielsen; wife, Karyn Denise Broadbent Brough. Counselors — Don Corbett Taylor, 53, medical director for Regional Medical Service Association; wife, Hilde Marie Sterri Taylor. Gary Vonn Murray, 56, stockbroker for Murray Securities; wife, JaLynne Almond Murray.

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