Daughters in My Kingdom: Answers to challenges

Richard Norby hopes his daughters will "find themselves" in the pages of Daughters in My Kingdom.

"They will become part of that book," he said. "Their lives will be part of the book, although it won't be written."

The assistant area director for the CES Utah Valley South Area and president of the Orem Utah Young Single Adult 1st Stake, President Norby said he has watched Latter-day Saint sisters "come to the rescue" of others for many years.

Richard Norby
Richard Norby

Now, he hopes, his wife, daughters, sisters and friends will look to the past for answers to their present challenges.

"These sisters will look at the Eliza Snows and they will look at the Julie Becks," he said, noting they will see from the lives of women in history that every woman's contribution is important. "They can cross their own wildernesses. They can make a difference. This is such a faith-based work that they learn from the past then proceed to the future. I see them as finding place in the book themselves. ...

"They can raise a family. They can accept and magnify their callings. They can have an orderly life because they have seen it happen so many times in the past."

Women in the Church, he explained, do things that outlive them. "That is what makes future generations so powerful."

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