Education moments: Seminary blessings

One college student is grateful for the blessings he received after changing his busy schedule to be able to attend seminary last school year. For Caleb West, from the Charleston 1st Ward, Charleston West Virginia Stake, attending seminary was something that he wanted to do, even if it meant meeting early in the morning before school, during practice time with his sports team.

"He was on the wrestling team, and they met before school to lift weights," said his mom, Janelle West. "He had to go talk with his coach to see if he could lift weights with his dad at home. It took courage for him to do that, especially when you are on a sports team and want to be loyal to the coach and team."

One major blessing from attending seminary came to Caleb after an article and photo were published in the Charleston Daily Mail on June 8 about a group of students completing their seminary course in the Charleston, area. On June 11, Caleb was at a neighboring high school to take the ACT test. In order to get in to take the test, he needed to produce a photo ID.

He looked in his wallet for his driver's license and it wasn't there. He frantically called his mother to look for his driver's license at home, but she was unable to find it. Then Caleb remembered his picture being in the newspaper article about seminary. His dad got a copy of the newspaper article with his picture in it and brought it to the high school.

For some unexplained reason, the test was delayed for 30 minutes, which gave Caleb's dad time to get to the high school where the test was being administered. The officials there agreed that this was a photo ID of Caleb and let him in to take the test.

"He was blessed temporally by being a seminary graduate," said Sister West. "Not only could he take the test, but because of seminary he has a good knowledge of the scriptures and has had opportunities to talk to others about the Book of Mormon." — Harold Cole, Charleston West Virginia Stake

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