Video: BYU Vocal Point survives first round of competition

To view Vocal Point's performance on NBC's "The Sing-Off" click here.

BYU’s nine-man a cappella group Vocal Point, performed last night on NBC's popular music reality show “The Sing-Off,” minus their Australian brother, Ben Murphy, who left to be with his Dad who is suffering with Leukemia. Even without Ben, Vocal point survived the first round of competition and will go on to compete.

In it's third season, "The Sing-Off" features 16 a cappella groups competing to impress the show’s celebrity judges and avoid elimination.

Vocal Point has a record of top honors winning several competitions over its 20-year history. In 2006 Vocal Point won the world championship in New York’s Lincoln Center and this year the group won first runner-up. Jake Hunsaker won best soloist and Tanner Nilsson won best vocal percussionist.

“This is the biggest audience that Vocal Point has ever performed for, and possibly will ever perform in front of – millions of people,” said Ross Welch, who sings tenor and baritone. “I think this is going to give great exposure to BYU and to the Mormon community as well. I think people’s experience is going to be very positive, seeing what Vocal Point brings.”

Recording the show has been a demanding experience with a big payoff, said McKay Crockett, tenor. Sometimes the group received a song they had never heard before and then had to perfect it to the point they could perform it on national television.

Group members laughed when asked how they spend their free time during show production, because a typical day goes from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. or even midnight. It’s filled with “a few hours of vocal rehearsal, a few hours of choreography rehearsal, a few hours of recording music, a few hours of wardrobe, a few MORE hours of choreography, and a few more hours of music rehearsal,” said Keith Evans, who sings tenor and percussion.

The next opportunity Vocal Point might have to perform on "The Sing-Off" is October 3, 2011.

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