Video: Vocal Point makes it to final five on NBC's 'Sing-Off'

From the BYU Newsroom:

BYU’s male a cappella group Vocal Point was a little bit country and a little bit rock ‘n roll Monday night on NBC’s “The Sing-Off.” With two successful performances from completely different genres, the guys advanced to compete in the top five.

Along with preparing two songs for this week’s episode, Vocal Point managed to balance their classes at BYU, rehearsals and traveling time. They admitted it was a week short on sleep, but worth it.

“I really appreciate how hard you are working flying back and forth, and taking school really seriously while taking this competition really seriously,” judge Sara Bareilles said. “I know how hard you guys work. It shows every time you take the stage.”

Their first performance gave a pop edge to the British invasion rock hit “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks.

“The 60’s thing was in there, but you also brought a hair metal element in there, which was a choice,” Ben Folds said. “. . .It was really entertaining, and it was really good.”

This hybrid pop rock performance revealed how Vocal Point can adapt to different genres. Ross Welch, lead singer for this number, was said to have “released his inner bad boy.”

“I loved the fact that you took on the rock ‘n roll thing seriously, and you actually showed another side of the boys from Provo,” Shawn Stockman said. “You were still clean cut, but you showed a little bad boy in their too, which was good.”

On the other end of the spectrum, competitors were asked to perform a rendition from a country hit song. Vocal Point gave a “car-revving” performance of “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts. The judges commended lead singers McKay Crockett and Keith Evans on their genuine country sound.

“That was a lot of fun. You had to hang on to your hat from the beginning of that one,” Folds said. “Keith, that was a great lead you took there. That sounded very, like, legitimately country.”

BYU grad Amy Whitcomb and current BYU student Laina Walker were competing as part of the all-female group Delilah on “The Sing-Off,” but their run in the competition ended after last night’s performances. They sang their swan song “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child and bid their farewell.

All songs from this episode are available for download on iTunes.

Other notes the judges gave about Vocal Point:

Sara Bareilles: “How adorable are they? They are so adorable. You guys have the gift of this overall stage presence charisma thing that seems so effortless for you.”

Shawn Stockman: “And again, with every song you guys manage to put that Vocal Point stamp on there, and I enjoy watching you guys perform. You come through every time.”

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