New stake presidents

New Stakes

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Lima Peru Chosica Stake. The Lima Peru Chaclacayo Stake, which includes the Pariachi Branch and Chaclacayo, Huaycán, Las Lomas, Morón and Naña wards, was created by Elder Rafael E. Pino of the Seventy and Elder Cesar A. Davila, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Santiago Philippines Stake. The Santiago Philippines North Stake, which includes the Baluarte, Ramon, Rizal 1st, Rizal 2nd and Santiago 3rd wards, was created by Elders Brent H. Nielson and Ian S. Ardern of the Seventy.

LIMA PERU CHACLACAYO STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2011) President — Alberto Glicerio Lorenzo Meza, 39, support specialist; wife, Carmen Rosa Lazo Quispe. Counselors — Rodolfo Cruz Achahul, 46, sales representative; wife, Rosario Carolina Espejo Castillo. William Javier Salazar Osorio, 35, sales executive; wife, Rosario Heath Sotil.

SANTIAGO PHILIPPINES NORTH STAKE: (Oct. 16, 2011) President — Arlen Meman Tumaliuan, 40, facilities manager; wife, Juvy Valentin Calabazaron Tumaliuan. Counselors — Ruben Javier Mesde, 49, medical representative; wife, Gemma Cayabyab. Rodrigo Addatu Puyat Jr., 37, manager/owner of DC 3 Pharma; wife, Richelle Acosta Asis Puyat.

Stake reorganizations

LIMA PERU CHOSICA STAKE: (Sept. 18, 2011) President — Johnny G. Brown Fretell, 38; succeeding Quilmar A. Aguero Torres; wife, Vilma Clementina Zea Gonzales. Counselors — Jose Antonio Flores Lopez, 47, teacher; wife, Anita Espirito Perez. Jose Ordoñez Guzman, 45, technician; wife, Luz Mila Maximaliano Salas.

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