Hymns for priesthood congregations

Men of all ages who find themselves stretching for high notes will soon be able to sing from a collection of hymns arranged especially for them.

"Priesthood Hymns: Easy Accompaniment for Unison Singing" is a collection of 26 hymns written in a comfortable vocal range with simple arrangements. The collection, arranged by Tabernacle Organist Emeritus Robert Cundick, is intended to help both accompanists and singers.

"Congregational hymn singing for men and boys presents two challenges. The first is finding a key (pitch) for the hymn that is comfortable for unchanged, changing and mature voices alike. The pitches found in the standard hymnal are often uncomfortably high for men and boys attempting to sing the melody," Brother Cundick writes in the preface.

The favorites included in "Priesthood Hymns" are arranged to be sung easily by congregations with little vocal experience.

Congregations may use the words found in current copies of the hymnbook. If hymnbooks are not available, words may be printed from

Each hymn is arranged to be played by novice accompanists. A CD included with the collection may also be used for accompaniment.

"There may not be an experienced keyboard player among the group, and sometimes there is not an accompanying instrument available," Brother Cundick's preface states.

"Priesthood Hymns" includes instructions for music directors as well as written and visual material references for further study. It would be a valuable addition for ward music libraries.

"Priesthood Hymns" may be purchased or ordered through all Deseret Bookstores.

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