BYU leaders address devotional


BYU President Cecil O. Samuelson and his wife, Sister Sharon G. Samuelson team-taught from the Marriott Center pulpit Jan. 10, with each sharing their appreciation for BYU and the values the school champions. During the devotional, Sister Samuelson said she was grateful for BYU's mission statement and "Aims of a BYU Education," stating that the two documents "differ dramatically from the documents of almost all other distinguished institutions of higher learning."

Adopted in 1981, the "Mission of Brigham Young University" affirms that the school aims to "assist individuals in their quest for perfection and eternal life."

"Not only is the statement itself quite unique, but such an assertion would not be tolerated or accepted at virtually any other serious university not part of our Church Educational System," she said, also explaining that BYU's four "Aims" — to provide a spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging and character-building education that leads to lifelong learning and service — help students achieve such eternal life.

"We believe the 'Mission and Aims' to be true and reflective of what BYU is and tries to be," she continued. "They also represent so much of what we observe, feel and appreciate about Brigham Young University."

President Samuelson then added that he is grateful for BYU's Honor Code, a set of moral standards that has at times been scrutinized but has also been used as a model code of conduct by other universities.

"As those familiar with our history understand, the Honor Code was instituted by student initiative and continues to be ratified and supported by our Board of Trustees," President Samuelson explained.

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