Shining moments: 'Seek ... and ye shall find'

Mary Ann Fackrell's wedding photos were lost forever when her mother-in-law sent them to a drugstore in Concord, Calif., to be developed. They received someone's Hawaiian vacation photos instead. The pictures were likely never to be found. Her wedding was in January of 1974 — 38 years ago.

A few weeks before Christmas 2011, her children were organizing photographs from their childhood. Sister Fackrell began to wonder again about her wedding photos. She began to pray that they would somehow find their way back to her.

"We have only ever had the one picture from [outside] the temple," she said. "That's all we'd been able to find."

Although the photos she had been praying for have yet to find their way back to her, Sister Fackrell has recovered some other pictures of her wedding. She received a phone call from a woman named Katie who had found a purse Sister Fackrell had lost while on her honeymoon in Oregon. A man had retrieved the purse and attempted to locate Sister Fackrell in Sept. of 1974 but had no luck with the phone directories or the address book. He boarded for a time at the boarding house. Katie had found the purse in a box while helping a woman clean out the attic of her boarding house. Katie was asked by the owner of the boarding house to locate the purse's owner based on the ID in it and return the items. She searched the Internet and located a phone number and called, hoping it was Mary Ann Fackrell who would answer. Sister Fackrell answered the phone.

Inside the purse was a library card, which is how Katie identified who to call and some wedding photographs that she didn't remember being there. There were 28 photographs in the purse when she received it in the mail a week before Christmas.

"If you want to find something, He knows where it is," she said. "I never expected this. I was just searching for the ones from California." Like the scripture found in Doctrine and Covenants 88:63, "Seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask, and ye shall receive," Sister Fackrell prayed for her photos to find a way to her, and they did. Those 28 photos are of the wedding line, grandmothers and grandfathers, and relatives who are no longer here. Now, 38 years later, she has received some of her wedding photos. Ones she didn't even remember existed. — Samantha DeLaCerda

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