Brother Adrian Ochoa: 'Aaronic Priesthood: Arise and use the power of God'

Brother Adrian Ochoa said that perhaps the greatest joy he experiences as second counselor in the Young Men general presidency is seeing young men around the world exercise the power of the Aaronic Priesthood. "But sometimes I also witness, with a sad heart, so many young men who do not understand how much good they can do with the power they hold," he said.

Speaking Saturday evening in the priesthood session, Brother Ochoa exclaimed: "Oh, if only every young man, every Aaronic Priesthood holder, could fully comprehend that their priesthood possesses the keys of ministering of angels. If only they could understand that they have the sacred duty to help their friends find the pathway that leads to the Savior. If they only knew that Heavenly Father will give them the power to explain the truths of the restored gospel with such clarity and sincerity that others will feel the undeniable truthfulness of the words of Christ."

Like any other power, the priesthood needs to be exercised to accomplish any good, Brother Ochoa said.

"Young men, know that you are at your best when you are in the service of God," he assured his listeners. "You know that you are happiest when you are anxiously engaged in a good work. Magnify the power of your priesthood by being clean and worthy."

The best way to battle evil is to promote righteousness, he said. "You cannot listen to foul words and to pretend you don't hear. You cannot watch, alone or with others, images you know are filthy and pretend you don't see. You cannot touch any unclean thing and pretend it's no big deal."

Using Book of Mormon imagery, he called upon young men to stand up boldly for what they know is true, "to once gain raise the title of liberty and organize your battalions."

Brother Ochoa read from a letter written by a young man, Daniel Olate, from Santiago, Chile, who taught the gospel to his friend and, at the age of 16, baptized her.

"Daniel is just one of many young men around the world who are living up to the power God has entrusted to them," Brother Ochoa remarked.

"Dear young men, when you exercise the Aaronic Priesthood in the way I have described, you are preparing yourself for responsibilities in your future. But you are doing much more than that. Like John the Baptist, that exemplary Aaronic Priesthood holder, you are also preparing the way of the Lord and making His paths straight."

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