Elder Paul E. Koelliker: 'He truly loves us'

Establishing righteous patterns is essential in developing the ability to love and nurture others, and in becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ, Elder Paul E. Koelliker of the Seventy said during the Saturday morning session of general conference.

Elder Paul E. Koelliker
Elder Paul E. Koelliker Photo: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Just as missionaries ponder how they can help individuals they teach develop a desire to know more about Heavenly Father and feeling His Spirit, so do parents and leaders on behalf of those they are commissioned to nurture. It is through awakening the desire to know that enables an individual's spiritual capacities to hear the voice of heaven, he said.

"Finding a way to awaken and nurture that desire is the quest and responsibility of each of us — missionary, parent, teacher, leader and member," he said.

Elder Koelliker spoke of establishing patterns that will help one learn to heed the Spirit.

"Patterns are templates, guides, repeating steps or a path one follows to stay aligned with God's purpose," he said. "If followed, we will be kept humble, awake and able to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit from those voices that distract us and lead us away."

Elder Paul E. Koelliker
Elder Paul E. Koelliker Photo: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

He spoke of the pattern of prayer, and it's influence.

"The blessing of humble prayer, offered with real intent, allows the Holy Spirit to touch our hearts and helps us to remember what we knew before we were born into this mortal experience," he said. "As we more clearly understand our Heavenly Father's plan for us, we begin to acknowledge our responsibility to help others learn and understand His plan. Closely tied to helping others remember is the way we personally live and apply the gospel in our own lives. When we actually live the gospel in the pattern taught by the Lord Jesus Christ, our ability to help others increases. ...

"It is when we yield to His will and live His pattern that His Spirit is felt."

It is through developing the ability to be Christ-centered in how one thinks, speaks and acts that is fundamental in becoming a disciple of Christ, he said.

"What is the ultimate means by which we can enjoy the gift and power of the Holy Ghost? It is the power that comes by being faithful disciples of Jesus Christ," he declared. "It is our love for Him and our fellow man. It is the Savior who defined the pattern of love when He taught us ... 'love one another; as I have loved you.'"

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