New stake presidents

New Stakes

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Wilmington Delaware Stake. The Dover Delaware Stake, which includes Cambridge and Dover 2nd branches and Dover 1st, Harrington, Salisbury 1st, Salisbury 2nd, Seaford and Smyrna wards, was created by Elder Allan F. Packer of the Seventy and Elder Fred A. Parker, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Valle del Mezquital Mexico Stake. The Tezontepec Mexico Stake, which includes the Ixmiquilpan, Mixquiahuala, Panuaya, Presas, Santiago Texontlale and Tezontepec wards, was created by Elder Benjamin De Hoyos of the Seventy and Elder Arnulfo Valenzuela, an Area Seventy.

DOVER DELAWARE STAKE: (April 14, 2012) President — Howard Brent Long, 63, senior director at FPP Business Services; wife, Cory Allred Long. Counselors — James Arthur Estep Jr., 56, corporate account manager at Corporation Service Company; wife, Adele Dru Muehlen Estep. Christopher Frank Smith, 58, employed by the U.S. Air Force; wife, Regina Ann Forsythe Smith.

TEZONTEPEC MEXICO STAKE: (March 4, 2012) President — Itzcoatl Lozano Gomez, 47, merchant; wife, Clara Olguin Herrera. Counselors — Tomas Garcia Perez, 40, managing director; wife, Julia Guadalupe Garcia Yañez. Flavio Calvo Santiago, 34, dental surgeon; wife, Quetzalina Gutierrez Godinez.

Stake reorganizations

BOISE IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (April 29, 2012) President — James Duane Borchers, 54, marketing manager at HP; succeeding Larry D. Bishop; wife, Martha Jo Anderson Borchers. Counselors — Anthony Joseph Balukoff, 66, certified public accountant; wife, Lynda Sue Skaggs Balukoff. Geoffrey Michael Wardle, 43, partner with Hawley Troxell business law firm; wife, Kristin Rhea Edvalson Wardle.

DUCHESNE UTAH STAKE: (April 15, 2012) President — Jason Earl Young, 39, principal of Duchesne Elementary School; succeeding Stanley K. Poulson; wife, Rachel Brook Park Young. Counselors — Phildon Brent DeMille, 67, high school teacher; wife, Gayle Elizabeth DeMille. Kevin Joseph Rowley, 50, owner of Excavation Services and Rowley Ranches; wife, Maylene Potts Rowley.

IGUALA MEXICO STAKE: (March 18, 2012) President — Oscar Daniel Leyva Villaseñor, 44, business owner; succeeding Julio Cesar Avalos Rayo; wife, Maria Sonia Hernandez Figueroa. Counselors — Cesar Antonio Morales Ruvalcaba, 68, retired; wife, Elvira Salinas Carreto. Anibal Daniel Gonzalez Zamblano, 32, physical education teacher; wife, Dulce Y. Aviles Marquina.

KEIZER OREGON STAKE: (Feb. 13, 2012) President — Neil J. Nelson, 53, president of Siltronic Corporation; succeeding Brent J. Nelson; wife, Mary Laurie Wolf Nelson. Counselors — Terry Kent Frazier, 56, management analyst; wife, Debra Harward Frazier. James Bryan Kemble, 48, regional vice president; wife, Jana Lynn Brooks Kemble.

KONA HAWAII STAKE: (April 8, 2012) President — Gregory Dale Hendrickson, 41, attorney; succeeding Aley K. Auna Jr.; wife, Rebecca Norman Hendrickson. Counselors — Jonathan Scot Hee, 48, engineering manager; wife, Tiare Michele Hoakalei Hee. Viliame Ramere Vuniwai, 38, owner of JJ Lava, Inc.; wife, Amanda Lynn Webb Vuniwai.

PERRY UTAH STAKE: (April 15, 2012) President — Darrell M. Eddington, 56, school principal; succeeding Bruce O. Tams; wife, Jolene Redd Eddington. Counselors — Roger Dale Low, 56, certified pubic accountant; wife, Mona Jean Killpack Low. David Kendall Ewell, 43, application analyst; wife, Karianne Alta Gardner Ewell.

SANDPOINT IDAHO STAKE: (April 21, 2012) President — Richard Aaron Ballard, 38, orthodontist; succeeding C. Russell Hiatt; wife, Rosalee Fritzen Ballard. Counselors — Blane Claus Coffey, 64, innkeeper; wife, Virginia Lott Coffey. Mark Heber Beazer, 40, dentist; wife, Laura Marie Hawke Beazer.

SANTAQUIN UTAH NORTH STAKE: (April 15, 2012) President — Kurt Blair Stringham, 55, owner of Stringham's Hardware; succeeding Chad A. Rowley; wife, Kathie Adele Johnson Stringham. Counselors — Jay Richard Payne, 43, vice president of products; wife, Diane Jones Payne. Fred Calvin Openshaw, 47, high school principal; wife, Carlotte Davenport Openshaw.

SALT LAKE HOLLADAY YSA STAKE: (April 22, 2012) President — Jeffrey Scott Featherstone, 54, president of Lorien Entertainment; wife, Lori Lynn Christensen Featherstone. Counselors — Stephen Michael Brown, 58, commericial real estate consultant; wife, Peggy Lynn Henriksen Brown. Jon Davis Tingey, 49, owner of Tingey Advisors, Inc.; wife, Virginia Ginger Woodbury Tingey.

ST. GEORGE UTAH SUNSET STAKE: (April 22, 2012) President — Craig Dee Astle, 57, obstetrician; succeeding Lon E. Henderson; wife, Janet Cameron White Astle. Counselors — Robert Merrill Cope, 54, urologist; wife, Tamera Coroner Cope. Russell Stewart Moody, 47, chief executive officer of InnoMark, Inc.; wife, Dana Lee Derrick Moody.

WASILLA ALASKA STAKE: (April 22, 2012) President — Rodney Dean Metcalf, 59, owner of Metcalf Homes; succeeding Michael A. Logan; wife, Terry Louise Metcalf. Counselors — Del Ray Hobbs, 59, farmer; wife, Carolyn Gilgen Hobbs. Michael Ray Owens, 50, managing partner of Timberline Sawmill & Cabin Co.; wife, Kris T. Meyer Owens.

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