BETA provides new menu

Navigating the Church's main web site at should be much easier now with several recent changes to the menu system. The large menu with multiple sections has been replaced by a simpler menu based less on topics and more on tasks.

Four new clickable headings help refine searches: Scriptures, Teachings, Resources and News. The new menus allow users to find the most popular content available. For example, many people come to to use the scriptures. This is now one of the main menu headings on the site. Other popular searches are for general conference talks, Church magazines, manuals for lesson preparation and ordering Church materials.

Exploring the new menus reveals some slight changes from the past. For example, under the resources menu tab a person will notice that the media library selection is gone and has been replaced with a tab called video, audio and images. Under the scriptures menu, there is a tab that takes the user right to all of the Bible videos available. This more plain naming convention helps identify content being sought without the user needing to know a specific name or specific title for the content.

Just above the new menu headings is a personal login location to access tools like directories, maps, calendars and content related to Church callings.

After people enter their login information, new options will appear that allow further interaction with the site. The ability to customize the menus that an individual can see provides additional options for the Church to help members find and use information.

During development, the new menu system received oversight from General Authorities and improvements came from a variety of sources including research, prototype testing, feedback and usability. Improvements will continue to be implemented as new technology is introduced.

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