Young Women: Mountaintop miracles

During the summer months, miracles have taken place in the lives of young women. I have visited many camps, sat around many campfires and heard many testimonies of young women and leaders. I have hiked to the tops of mountains, attended sunrise devotionals, seen skits and heard campfire songs echo across still mountain lakes. I have witnessed young women reading scriptures in the stillness of their tents or doing 100 acts of service to celebrate the anniversary of 100 years of Young Women camp. Miracles have happened and my heart has been touched by the love of the leaders who create circumstances where spiritual experiences and miracles can happen. I am touched by the fire of faith I see in the eyes of young women everywhere.

This summer I have observed the power that comes into the lives of young women as adult leaders let Laurels lead at camp. These young women taught and testified and mentored and shared with the younger young women. One group of young single adults came back to lead at a camp in Chicago. They said they felt like "grannies" when they saw how young the Beehives looked. So they purchased "grannie-like" clothing at a thrift store and every evening they donned their "grannie" attire and went around the camp doing what grannies do best — loving the young women — tucking them into bed, saying prayers and reading scriptures with them. Their love and leadership changed hearts.

As a Young Women presidency, we are truly grateful for the privilege it is to serve with each of you at this magnificent time. It is truly inspiring to witness firsthand your devotion and discipleship. Lives have been changed because of you. That includes mine! I will never be the same. Thank you!

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