Education moments: Blessed with work

While I was serving as a missionary in the Chile Antofagasta Mission, President Gordon B. Hinckley announced the creation of the Perpetual Education Fund. From that moment, I was confident that when I returned home I would be able to apply for a PEF loan so that I could begin my higher education. Up to that time, I had not been able to pursue such an education, mainly for financial reasons.

After returning home, I applied but, because of some technicalities, the application did not go through. It was difficult. I decided to look for work. Even so, I did not lose faith, and I determined that I would try again the next year. I told myself that I needed to be persistent.

At the end of 2006, the time came to apply and I tried again. This time my application was approved, and I became the only one in my town (Licantén) up to that time to receive a PEF loan. I was happy and my family was too.

Having previously been unsure about what to study, I prayed and the Book of Mormon gave me the answer. As I read about Christ healing the sick among the Nephites, I felt a desire to help others and decided to study nursing so that I could serve my fellowmen in their times of affliction.

I began studying in the year 2007 at a university in Curicó. Before commencing my studies, I applied for housing at a home for female university students, where I was accepted. That was a great help because it saved me the money and time it would have taken to travel from Licantén to Curicó (53 miles). The home was also close to the LDS meetinghouse, which gave me the opportunity to attend institute. All these blessings helped me to understand the reasons why perhaps I had so much opposition the year before.

I passed all my classes and my internship. I received my diploma in 2009, and since then my Heavenly Father has blessed me with work.

Also, while I was in school I began to make new friends in the Church. One of them has now become my husband, who took me to the temple, where we were sealed for all eternity.

I am grateful for the voice of the prophet and for the Perpetual Education Fund. Many of the things I have been able to achieve had only been dreams before, but now they have become a reality. I have the opportunity for financial stability, to help my family and the Church. It is for these reasons and many more that I am now repaying the money that was loaned to me, so that other people can benefit as I did at the time the Lord deemed appropriate."

— Beatriz Angelina Hidalgo Cornejo, Rauquén Ward, Curicó Chile Stake

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