'He is literally there'

Jaqueline Valasquez experienced the sublime beauty of the temple experience recently when she was baptized for her deceased grandmother.

A young woman in the Ilobasco Branch, San Vicente El Salvador District, Jacqueline said, "I have the desire to continue going to the temple and doing the work for my relatives, because the experience with my grandma was the best. It was unlike anything else.

"And to feel the Lord's presence in His house, it was like knowing that it was literally the house of our Heavenly Father, that His Spirit is there. Not just His Spirit, but that He is literally there accompanying us."

Jacqueline had been unaware that she would be allowed to do the baptism for her grandmother.

"So the day we went to the temple, the brother whom I'd given the card to hold until the time came told me we could now do the work," she said. "So they gave me the name, and I was able to do the work for her.

"When I entered the baptismal font I felt the satisfaction that it was worth the wait. A feeling of great beauty was present, because at the same time they confirmed me for her."

Through tears of gratitude and love, Jacqueline testified: "I felt like I had helped my grandma out a lot. I know that temple work is true and that it truly unites families. I know the temple is a wonderful place. I know I've gone to do work few times, but I know people truly can be united. Truly, this work is love for our ancestors."

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