Pure religion: Self-employment

In "Pure Religion Epilogue," published in 2011 by Elder Glenn L. Rudd, who served in the Seventy from 1987-1992, he wrote that there were 326 employment resource centers in more than 50 countries around the world. The centers provide support in job placement, education and vocational training and self-employment. More than 150,000 Church members worldwide are placed in job positions, school enrollments or self-employment opportunities each year.

Elder Rudd wrote of Condessey and his wife, Betty, who were inspired to find a new way to support their family through employment workshops in their area of Zimbabwe, Africa.

"We decided to open a small vegetable business," Condessey said, "because we were filled with new confidence after attending the career and self-employment workshops."

Motivated by principles of self-reliance and entrepreneurship taught in the employment program, Condessey went to a vegetable market early one morning and purchased a variety of vegetables that were in demand in his own neighborhood. Meanwhile, Betty, who had found a small broken table upon which to display their vegetables, set up shop outside the gate to their home. Slowly, neighbors noticed that there was a vegetable stall on the street and that they didn't have to travel far to buy vegetables.

At the end of the day, all the vegetables on display had been sold. To Condessey's and his wife's delight, they found they had collected Z$13,000, a profit of Z$6,000 (about 18 USD). So encouraged were they that the next morning they went to buy more vegetables and established another stall in a different corner of their street.

Filling a simple daily need for fresh vegetables in their neighborhood brought this couple the money to feed their three children and themselves three full meals a day.

"Aim high, but start small with what is available and develop it," said Condessey, who planned to supply products to restaurants. — "Pure Religion Epilogue," Glenn L. Rudd, p. 37.

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