Pure religion: Just the beginning

Many people around the world are realizing their dreams of gaining an education through the Church's Perpetual Education Fund.

President Thomas S. Monson has said, "The Perpetual Education Fund ... breaks the cycle of poverty for our members in many areas of the world and provides skills and training which qualify young men and young women for gainful employment. This inspired plan has kindled the light of hope in the eyes of those who felt doomed to mediocrity but who now have an opportunity for a brighter future" (Ensign, October 2007).

Suzan Kumanyi Apondi, from the Ntinda Branch, Kampala Uganda Stake, shares her experience of the help she received from the Perpetual Education Fund program:

"I am a returned missionary and a beneficiary of a PEF loan. I received a loan in 2008, immediately after returning from the South Africa Cape Town Mission. I was accepted at Makerere University in Kampala and pursued my bachelor's degree in library and information science. I passed with an upper second class degree.

"The knowledge I have gained and my gratitude for the opportunity to attend this prestigious university are beyond description. All this would have been impossible without the assistance of the PEF program. I have been blessed with a good job and I am working hard to pay off the loan so that others can benefit as well.

"To me, my education is not the end; I feel and know that it is just the beginning. This has opened doors for me and I see better opportunities waiting as I continue to serve in the Church and work in my community.

"I am so grateful for modern-day revelation and for living prophets who give us hope by encouraging us to receive an education. Words cannot express the joy I felt upon finishing my degree and I will be forever grateful. Wherever I go, I will have my education."

— Marianne Holman

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