New items at storage centers

Nine new items hit the shelves of the Church’s home storage centers — where the Church offers commodities in prepackaged form — this month.

They are white sugar, potato flakes, spaghetti bites, elbow macaroni, apple slices, regular oats, dry milk (pouch), hot cocoa mix (pouch) and fruit juice mix (pouch).

There are currently more than 100 LDS home storage centers across the United States and Canada at which Church members can obtain food items for personal and family use.

The home storage centers are part of the Church’s massive welfare program that includes canneries, meat-packing facilities, thrift stores, farms, ranches and storage facilities for food.

Latter-day Saints are encouraged by Church leaders to keep a three-month supply of food on hand in case of physical, natural and economic emergencies as part of the practice of self-reliance.

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