Stake Reorganizations

Two new stakes have been created.

A new stake has been created from the Lomé Togo District. The Lomé Togo Stake, which includes the Adidogome, Akodessewa, Baguida and Wuiti branches as well as the Ablogame, Anfame, Attiegou, Be-Kpota, Doumassesse, Hédzranawoé, Souzanetime and Tokoin wards, was created by Elder Terence M. Vinson of the Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the St. George Utah Little Valley Stake. The St. George Utah Boulder Ridge Stake, which includes Crimson Cliffs, Foothills, Quail, Sage Hollow, Stone Cliff, Stonehedge and Treasure Valley wards, was created by Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and Elder Donald L. Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy.

LOME TOGO STAKE: (Dec. 8, 2013) President — Kcodgoh L. Edgeweblime, 46, deputy dean at Lomé University; wife, Sikasse Kpele. Counselors — Anani Kouegan, 40, teacher; wife, Kokovi Benissan. Boevi Edem Lawson, 42, serigrapher; wife, Essi Mawulolo Pomary.

ST. GEORGE UTAH BOULDER RIDGE STAKE: (Dec. 15, 2013) President — Kim Dean Anderson, 50, partner in Soltis Investment Advisors; wife, Debra Harman Anderson. Counselors — Brigham J Johnson, 57, senior vice president at Wells Fargo; wife, Jeanne Lamb Johnson. Bradley Scott Thompson, 54, physician at Intermountain Health Care; wife, Cindy Lynn Miller Thompson.


BAHIA BLANCA ARGENTINA VILLA MITRE STAKE: (Sept. 1, 2013) President — Pablo Javier Apolo, 34, land employee; succeeding Adalberto Oscar Italia; wife, Veronica Noemi Perez. Counselors — Galleano Claudio Fiabane, 68, university navy personnel; wife, Liliana Peters. Diego Ariel Ciccio, 36, self-employed; wife, Maria Jose Albizua.

BOUNTIFUL UTAH MUELLER PARK STAKE: (Jan. 12, 2014) President — Christopher George Jackson, 61, professor of medicine at University of Utah School of Medicine; succeeding Brian K. Taylor; wife, Rebecca Lee Horne Jackson. Counselors — Robert Benson Walker, 50, president and chief executive officer at Walker International Capital; wife, Joni Nord Walker. Steven Chad Barlow, 45, co-founder/senior vice president at Health Catalyst; wife, Christina Evans Barlow.

CORDOBA ARGENTINA SOUTH STAKE: (Sept. 15, 2013) President — Alejandro G. Camejo, 45, pastry chef; succeeding Ruben Andres De Fini; wife, Wanda Feni Bindi. Counselors — Luis Ariel Moreyra, 36, administrative auxiliary; wife, Silvia Alejandra Zarate. Enrique Alejandro Segeres, 41, supervisor at Fiat Auto Argentina; wife, Sandra Elizabeth Tejerina.

GILBERT ARIZONA VAL VISTA STAKE: (Dec 8, 2013) President — Timothy Ronald Lines, 57, managing vice president at Stantec Consulting; succeeding L. Lothaire Bluth; wife, Lorilynn Ray Lines. Counselors — Thomas J. Curtis, 57, president of East Valley Physical Therapy and Aqautic Rehab; wife, Katharine Lea Stephenson Curtis. Gregory Scott Slater, 52, director of trade policy at Intel Corporation; wife, Sharon Deon Ruff Slater.

MONTERREY MEXICO MORELOS STAKE: (Dec. 1, 2013) President — Jesus Angel Granados De Leon, 51, teacher for the Secretary of Education; succeeding Jaime Gutierrez Coronado; wife, Carmen Julia Ortiz Perez. Counselors — Alejandro Medina Acosta, 33, support engineer; wife, Larena Almaguer Sanchez. Margil Perez Treviño, 38, business owner; wife, Claudia Galindo Cardenas.

MONTEVIDEO URUGUAY EAST STAKE: (Sept. 8, 2013) President — Luis Alberto Ferrizo Krell, 37, human resource officer at Union Agricultural Group; succeeding E. Santiago Soto Acosta; wife, Natalia Risso Echverria. Counselors — Fabian D. Brufau, 48, legal assessor with the Ministry of Defense; wife, Beatriz M. De Grossi. Jean Francois De Fleitas Hernandez, 46, customer service supervisor at Republica Bank; wife, Ana Maria Da Silva Quinta.

OREM UTAH TIMPVIEW STAKE: (Jan. 12, 2014) President — Darin R. Oviatt, 51, associate dean at BYU division of continuing education; succeeding Thad C. Adams; wife, Melanie Albrecht Oviatt. Counselors — Steven Holbrook Fitzgerald, 47, program director at Franklin Covey; wife, Jennifer Cranmer Fitzgerald. James Andrew Christensen, 42, vice president of sales at NextGen; wife, Rachelle LaVonne Howe Christensen.

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