Change in Church News subscription policy: Expanding our reach

The change allows residents of Utah to subscribe for mail delivery of the Church News, a service that for decades has been available only to residents outside the state of Utah except for those who live in certain Utah ZIP codes.

Utah residents may now receive by mail the Church News, along with the Deseret News National Edition, for the same rate as out-of-state subscribers, which is $30 per year.

The Church News, an official publication of the Church, publishes news and features about the Church, its leaders and members worldwide.

While the Deseret News National Edition is not an official publication of the Church, it is a thoughtful source of news and analysis on topics related to faith and the family in contemporary society. While its focus is not centrally on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it promotes wholesome values and includes perspectives harmonious with LDS standards. Also, it provides a complementary perspective on issues that the Church magazines and Church News would not normally address.

A letter sent out with the February 2014 issue of the Ensign states: “As members of the Church, we have been encouraged by the Lord and His servants to be an influence for good in our communities. Rather than simply accept the perils of our day, we are to make a positive difference in the world. This, in part, is what it means to be the ‘salt of the earth’ and the yeast that leavens the whole loaf (see Matthew 5:13; 13:33).

“We can be such an influence as we become well informed about current events and join in community discussions and decision making. There are many resources available to help us: local and national periodicals, school and council meetings, trusted online news sources, and community forums.”

The letter noted that the Deseret News National Edition is one such resource.

The Church News and Deseret News National Edition are available to residents of the United States and Canada. To subscribe, please call 1-866-628-4677, or visit

[email protected]

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