Mormon Helping Hands Participate in a Day of Community Service

Throughout California and Hawaii, more than 65,000 Latter-day Saints performed community service as “Mormon Helping Hands” volunteers on Saturday, April 26.

Church members worked side by side during the “Day of Community Service” with service clubs and a broad number of faiths, friends and neighbors. Food Drives, humanitarian and community beautification projects were driven by old-fashioned elbow grease.

The fifth annual Mormon Helping Hands event was marked with a surge of non-member volunteers and remarkable hands-on participation by government and community leaders at all levels.

Fifteen thousand members of other faiths joined in 900 projects, generating more than 230,000 hours of community service.

Some 1,000 elected officials and community leaders attended these events to observe first hand the magnitude and sheer impact of enthusiastic volunteerism.

Throughout California and Hawaii, the Day of Community Service was featured in 350 news stories in newspapers and on television.

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