Joseph Smith movie on Hulu

Hundreds of people have left comments and rated the Church’s motion picture Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration during the six months the film has been available on Hulu. Millions of people across the world have access to the film on Hulu.

The movie, depicting the life of Church Prophet Joseph Smith, is the first Church film to be hosted by a major video-streaming website. Hulu has more than 6 million subscribers.

Devin Shelley, marketing director for the Church’s Publishing Services Department, told the availability of the film on Hulu is important because the film will be available to nonmembers of the Church on their television screens.

“We hope members will make the movie part of their personal and family worship as well as part of their missionary efforts,” said Brother Shelley. “Watch and rate the movie on Hulu, share the trailer on Facebook and encourage friends and family to learn more about the founder of our faith by watching it.”

The 2005 film was updated to appeal to friends in a non-member audience. The movie explains the concept of modern prophets, the purpose of temples, the eternal nature of family relationships and Joseph’s Smith’s life and mission.

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