The gospel gives you everything you need to be a mom


Kristin Bringhurst, of the Afton 2nd ward, Afton Wyoming Stake, was selected to represent her home state as Mother of the Year.

“[Being a mother] has been my most favorite thing that I have ever done,” she said. “I loved being pregnant. I love being a mom. It’s the most important thing that I’ve ever done. It’s surprised me how much I loved being a mom.”

Concerning her children, Sister Bringhurst is equally enthusiastic.

“[God] has given [my children] to us,” she said. “They are ours to keep forever. I’m so thrilled! There is this comfort that I have claim on my children forever.”

For Sister Bringhurst, prayer has been an absolutely vital part of her role as a mother to four children.

“My testimony of prayer and how Heavenly Father will help you raise these kids is so strong. I could not do it without His help,” she said. “I couldn’t do it. ... He has given us these kids, and He will help us to raise them. He won’t just leave us alone. He’s helped me so much.”

Sister Bringhurst recounted a story about her 18-year-old son, Davis, who has tuberous sclerosis, that illustrates her testimony of prayer. “Having a child with such significant disabilities has humbled me so much. I have pleaded with Heavenly Father to comfort and heal my children.”

On “a particularly rough day,” Davis was upset and didn't want to go to school. Once she finally got Davis on the bus and off to school, Sister Bringhurst said she ran to her knees and prayed that her son would be comforted.

Later that day, still feeling upset about her son’s stresses, Sister Bringhurst went to the school district office to drop off some paperwork. While she was there, a woman who had been to Davis’ school walked into the office.

According to Sister Bringhurst, this woman never comes to the office, but after she reported to Sister Bringhurst that she saw Davis at school and said that he was so happy and “was doing great,” Sister Bringhurst knew why she had come — to be a messenger from God to bring her peace.

To go along with the inspiration that comes through prayer, Sister Bringhurst raises her children with love.

“Have an attitude of love,” she said. “... When your kids feel loved, they will do everything to listen to you. If [they] feel loved, [they’re] so much more teachable and willing.”

In order for her family to grow to love each other, Sister Bringhurst tries to find things that the entire family can participate in and enjoy. “We love riding motorcycles,” she said. “... We can't go to the movies or go to the play, so I am always looking for things that we can do as a family.”

Change is a lifelong journey, and in order to be a better mother to her children, Sister Bringhurst turns to the gospel.

“We are so blessed to have the gospel because it gives you everything you need,” she said. “As far as parenting — what to do, how to be a mom, how important it is to be a mom — [it’s all] found in the gospel.”

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