Elder Larry S. Kacher: 'Trifle not with sacred things'

The decisions one makes in this life greatly affect the course of one’s eternal life, said Elder Larry S. Kacher of the Seventy during the Sunday afternoon session of general conference.

Illustrating his point with a personal story, Elder Kacher said he went swimming in the Indian Ocean with his wife and got trapped in a riptide. “I felt helpless,” he said. “Forces beyond my control were pulling me further out to sea. … I thought there was a high likelihood I would not survive and that I, because of my decision, would also cause my wife’s death.”

There are many currents in this earthly life — some safe and others not, said Elder Kacher. “President Spencer W. Kimball taught that there are powerful forces in our lives much like the unseen currents of the ocean. These forces are real. We should never ignore them.”

Sharing another personal story, Elder Kacher talked about his conversion to the Church. After high school, he followed promptings that led him to Provo, Utah, where he was eventually baptized.

“This new current I chose to follow, the gospel of Jesus Christ, provided direction and meaning to my life,” said Elder Kacher. “However, it was not without its challenges. … At times I felt lost and confused. Questions and challenges were posed by both friends and family.”

There were choices to be made, said Elder Kacher. Some questions were creating doubts and uncertainty. “There were many who wanted to convince me of the error of my ways — ‘riptides’ determined to pull me away from the peaceful current that had become a wonderful source of happiness.”

Rather than let doubts and questions destroy his peace and happiness, Elder Kacher said he chose to set them aside for a season, trusting that the Lord would help in His own time. “I turned, with yet more commitment, to a loving Heavenly Father, to the scriptures and to trusted friends,” he said. “I testify there is a divine source — one who knows all things — the end from the beginning.”

Heavenly Father has blessed members with the supernal gift of the Holy Ghost to guide their choices. He has promised them inspiration and revelation as they live worthy to receive such, said Elder Kacher. “I invite you to make whatever adjustments are needed, whether small or large, to ensure the eternal blessings of Heavenly Father’s plan for you and those you love.”

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