Wildfire destroys homes of 3 members in Oklahoma


A wildfire destroyed the homes of three members living on the same property in the Woodward Branch of the Oklahoma City Oklahoma Stake on March 16. The fire also destroyed several other buildings on the property and two cars.

The members, Mary Hubert, her daughter, Jony McClaren, and her granddaughter, Thora Fox, were not at home when the wildfire destroyed their property. None of their personal property from their homes could be salvaged after the fire came through. “Everything was ash,” Woodward Branch President Keith Rassmussen said. Branch members are helping replace some necessary items.

After losing her home and everything in it, Sister Hubert said, “Well, I am going to rise from the ashes and become a better person.”

Oklahoma has been going through a drought for the last five years. Dry conditions and high winds contributed to the rapid spread of the wildfire. On March 17, weather conditions changed and the area received a half inch of rain, helping to stop the fire. The fire burned at least six structures and did over a million dollars worth of damage.

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