Celebrate Pioneer Day with #IAmAPioneer

Pioneer Day each July 24 provides an opportunity for Church members around the world to not only honor early Mormon pioneers but also to celebrate the unique legacy they are leaving for future generations. The paths of Church members today might not take them across prairies pulling handcarts, but they are all pioneers breaking ground in their own countries and families.

“That each of us can make a difference is a universal message of hope and inspiration,” said Cris Rees, senior product manager of the Family History Department of the Church. “We can lead the way for others to follow. We can make our dreams a reality. We can build a solid foundation.”

The Church History and Family History departments have combined efforts to encourage members to consider the contributions of their ancestors and the legacy they, themselves, can leave for future generations. The result is new resources on that encourage members to honor pioneers of all times and places.

Located on the website, patrons may search an interactive world map, share their own story and join the conversation of other “pioneers” throughout the world.

Following are 10 ways you can use these resources online to honor and share your past and future legacy.

I Am a Pioneer

The “I Am a Pioneer” page — — on focuses on modern-day pioneers.

1. Watch and share the new video. The inspirational “I Am a Pioneer” video shows how individuals can be trailblazers in their own families and communities today. Share the video using #IAmAPioneer.

2. Discover and share your legacy. Explore the stories and photos of your ancestors that others have added to your family tree on and then add your own.

3. Use the interactive maps. Click on different sections of the map on the site to read stories of Latter-day Saints worldwide who are making a difference as modern-day pioneers in that area.

4. Share your story. Using one of the shareable social media images provided on the website, share what makes you a pioneer using #IAmAPioneer.

5. Check out the social feed. Check out the feed of images and stories members are posting on social media sites using #IAmAPioneer.

6. Read and share FamilySearch blog posts. Read the blog posts written by members that tell the stories of both early and modern-day pioneers.

7. Read the articles. Read the new articles on the I Am a Pioneer family history topics page of

Our Pioneer Heritage

Focus on the rich heritage of the early Mormon pioneers using a new feature that connects your family tree with the Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel database. Sign in to see if any of your ancestors were Mormon Pioneers. More than 1,000 pioneers have been discovered and added to the database this past year alone.

8. Discover and share your pioneer heritage. Find long-forgotten stories of your pioneer ancestors and the sacrifices they made for their God and their families.

9. Learn about the pioneer heritage we all share. Read inspiring stories of pioneers who left a rich legacy for all members of the Church to enjoy.

10. Discover life on the trail. Using the interactive map, follow along the pioneer trail and learn about key experiences and adventures along the way.

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