New stake presidents

New Stake

A new stake has been created from the Cocoa Florida, Sarasota Florida and Stuart Florida stakes. The Vero Beach Stake, which consists of the Lake Placid and Okeechobee branches and the Fort Pierce, Palm Bay 1st, Palm Bay 2nd, Sebring and Vero Beach wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy and Elder R. Randall Bluth, an Area Seventy.

VERO BEACH FLORIDA STAKE: (Jan. 10, 2016) President — Kevin Harold Smith, 39, electrical engineer; wife, Kristina Anne Kidwell Smith. Counselors — Mark Charles Hauber, 46, mediator; wife, Bonnie Jean Packer Hauber. Richard Nordell Rasmussen, 50, system support engineer; wife, Peggy Jean Killian Rasmussen.

Reorganized Stakes

MADISON ALABAMA STAKE: (Nov. 8, 2015) President — William Kuehn Drake, 56, software developer; succeeding Keith R. Draughon; wife, Cyndy Lee Brandon Drake. Counselors — Michael David Campbell, 47, Allstate Insurance agency owner; wife, Evelyn Aaron Campbell. Robert Barlow Blake, 57, account executive; wife, Kristina Anne Homer Blake.

SANTIAGO CHILE JAVIERA CARRERA STAKE: (Oct. 11, 2015) President — Manuel P. Vera Herrera, 47, founding associate, Alumar LTDA; succeeding Carlos A. Faundez Maureira; wife, Felisa Patricia Martinez Ayala. Counselors — Milton M. Lopez Palavecino, 43, fleet supervisor; wife, Neville Benita Flores Cerda. Ivan C. Mendoza Indo, 60, self-employed; wife, Maria Soledad Quinteros.

TEMUCO CHILE ÑIELOL STAKE: (Nov. 8, 2015) President — Camilo C. Lopez Palavecinos, 38, manager, COM; succeeding Edison L. Merino Contreras; wife, Jessica Ester Merino Contreras. Counselors — Victor D. Zapata Padilla, 30, civil servant; wife, Claudia Yanina Mella Pinela. Ismael R. Riquelme Contreras, 32, researcher; wife, Daniela Alexandra Vargas Ortiz.

TOLUCA MEXICO STAKE: (Dec. 6, 2015) President — Jorge A. Peralta Trejo, 37, project manager, HSBC Bank; succeeding Cesar Jimenez Penaloza; wife, Liz B. Landa Bustamante. Counselors — Josafat A. Torres Reyes, 40, businessman, Optimus Welding; wife, Sandra Guzman Mendoza. Jorge Garcia Enriquez, 46, nutritionist; wife, Luz Maria Gonzalez Jimenez.

TUCSON ARIZONA NORTH STAKE: (Jan. 17, 2016) President — Steven Thomas Broadbent, 59, COO, Critical Path Institute; succeeding Todd B. Polley; wife, Mary Ann Nahnas Broadbent. Counselors — Joseph Castleberry Winfield, 40, landscape architect; wife, Mariann Huber Winfield. Jess A Haymore, 40, dentist; wife, Tania Busby Haymore.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON NORTH STAKE: (Jan. 24, 2016) President — Rodney Scott Rushing, 47, gynecologic oncologist; succeeding Bruce G. Randall; wife, Heidi Stewart Rushing. Counselors — Robert Jason Butterfield, 45, general manager, Providence Health Plan; wife, Rachelle Lee Anderson Butterfield. Kevin Andrus Doty, 59, consultant, AKT Benefit Advisors; Cassandra Joan Melton Doty.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON WEST STAKE: (Jan. 24, 2016) President — Wade Bradshaw Pickett, 54, district sales manager, Lincoln Electric; succeeding Dean M. Burrus; wife, Karen Marie Jones Pickett. Counselors — George Russell Church, 58, dentist; wife, Karen Grifiths Church. Douglas Alan Ruth II, 44, general manager, Micropump IDEX; wife, Shalee Chanslor Ruth.

VIRGINIA BEACH STAKE: (Jan. 10, 2016) President — VonLogan Burnett Brimhall, 49, logistics analyst; succeeding Robert G. Lambourne; wife, Kari Berge Brimhall. Counselors — Richard Joel Ankney, 51, attorney; wife, Jennifer Rose Merrill Ankney. John Otis Ashby Jr., 44, orthodontist; wife, Rachel Sue Hanselmann Ashby.

WASHINGTON DC STAKE: (Nov. 22, 2015) President — James R. Baird, 59, marketing, Pella; succeeding Ronald T. Harrison; wife, Melinda Lambert Baird. Counselors — David N. Sheets, 51, public servant; wife, Kimberly A. Thompson Sheets. Robert D. Nelson, 59, branch chief, project managment; wife, Kathy Lynn Okerlund Nelson.

YUBA CITY CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2015) President — Stephen Frederick Hammarstrom, 46, hospital administrator; succeeding Peter L. Hall; wife, Celeste Holland Hammarstrom. Counselors — Aaron Bruce Chatfield, 44, senior manager, Tenney & Company; wife, Gina Marie Lefebvre Chatfield. Earl C. Keith III, 43, division controller, Lennar; wife, Laura Leigh Givens Keith.

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