New stake presidents

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Chandler Arizona East and the Chandler Arizona stakes. The Chandler Arizona South Stake, which consists of the San Tan Branch and Appleby, Brooke Farm, Grove 1st, Grove 2nd, Grove 3rd and Lindsay 1st wards, was created by Elder Ulisses Soares of the Seventy and Elder Daniel W. Jones, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Amatitlán Guatemala and Villa Nueva Guatemala stakes. The Linda Vista Guatemala Stake, which consists of the Alamedas, Eterna Primavera, Linda Vista, Naciones and Sonora wards, was created by Elder Adrián Ochoa of the Seventy and Elder Jared R. Ocampo, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Managua Nicaragua Tipitapa District. The Mangua Nicaragua Las Américas Stake, which consists of the Bocana, Ciudadela Loma Verde, San Benito and Tipitapa branches and the Las Américas, Las Mercedes and Ruben Darío wards, was created by Elder José L. Alonso of the Seventy and Elder Sam M. Gálves, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Mesa Arizona Alta Mesa and the Mesa Arizona Citrus Heights stakes. The Mesa Arizona Red Mountain Stake, which consists of the Adobe Villa, Granite Reef, Mountain Vista, Red Mountain and Vista Peaks wards, was created by Elder Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy and Elder Todd B. Hansen, an Area Seventy.

CHANDLER ARIZONA SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2016) President — Troy Burnett Hansen, 51, territory business manager, Bristol-Myers Squibb; wife, Stacie Lila Wray Hansen. Counselors — Brandon Scott Jones, 43, CEO, CFE Management Group; wife, Wendy Hurst Jones. John Loren McCleve, 50, CFO/comptroller, State of Arizona; wife, Brookie Jan Richardson McCleve.

LINDA VISTA GUATEMALA STAKE: (Feb. 21, 2016) President — Denis Estuardo Pineda Hernández, 39, sales advisor, Importación Imercadeo; wife, Glenda Maribel Méndez Campos. Counselors — Mauricio Ottoniel López Mendoza, 48, general coordinator, FCC Construcción S.A.; wife, Imelia Roxana Rodríguez Chicas. Nieles Augusto Abel Elias, 38, self-employed; wife, Ingrid Marleny Tzunum Lara.

MANAGUA NICARAGUA LAS AMÉRICAS STAKE: (Feb. 21, 2016) President — Manuel Enrique Hernandez Zepeda, 34, self-employed; wife, Mariela Elena Hernández Rojas. Counselors — Alvaro José Rivas Alguera, 50, accountant, LDS Church; wife, Rose Guadalupe Ñurindia Morales. Rommel Gregorio Sanchez Zeas, 43, administrative assistant, Grupo Bermudez; wife, Zayra Brizuela Gonzalez.

MESA ARIZONA RED MOUNTAIN STAKE: (March 6, 2016) President — Coltin Roy Hall, 39, director of information technology, Orbital ATK; wife, Julia Adele Westover Hall. Counselors — Bradley Wayne Nelson, 55, principal systems engineer, Orbital ATK; wife, Angela Smith Nelson. Bret Jonathan Baird, 44, director, Sun Valley Surgical; wife, Tricia Kay Wudel Baird.

Reorganizied stakes

AMATITLÁN GUATEMALA STAKE: (Feb. 21, 2016) President — Miguel Adolfo Tejeda Carbajal, 45, administrative manager, Multiresa; suceeding Denis E. Pineda Hernandez; wife, Elsa Candelaria Solorzano Juárez. Counselors — Roberto Enrique Morales Vargas, 45, general manager, Recom Constructora; wife, María de los Ángeles Rezzio Cruz. José Alfredo Baltazar López, 51, sales coordinator, Manufacturas Texiles Perfecta; wife, Elsa Marina López.

ANTELOPE CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2016) President — Randal Lee Gauger, 57, financial controller, Brasher’s Auto Auctions; succeeding M. Patrick Greene; wife, Julie Jarman Gauger. Counselors — Patrick Evan Elmer, 56, facilities manager, LDS Church; wife, Jolene Call Elmer. Thomas Rees Summers, 52, business owner; wife, Mary Kathryn Ayers Summers.

CEDAR CITY UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2016) President — Dustin Jay Callister, 47, CES instructor; succeeding Kelly D. Esplin; wife, Amy Claudia Hyde Callister. Counselors — Clint Oren Bunker, 58, physician; wife, Anita Erb Bunker. Ken Ellis Lambeth, 60, business owner; wife, Paula Dennett Lambeth.

CHANDLER ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2016) President — Jared Weston Welch, 42, pediatric dentist; succeeding Scott R Palmer; wife, Bridget Marie Herring Welch. Counselors — Todd Eric Becker, 50, business owner; wife, Amber Essley Becker. Nathan Wilford Andersen, 40, general counsel, LeSueur Investments; wife, Andrea Cardon Andersen.

DANLÍ HONDURAS STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2016) President — Deivy Obed Salinas Sauceda, 34, customer services, Financiera Finca; succeeding Bernabé G. Osales Coto; wife, Claudia Gissela Serrane Castellanos. Counselors — Carlos David Corrales Gallo, 36, packaging assistant, HATSA; wife, Yessica Marilú Carrasco Navarro. David Joel Pineda Cáceres, 32, principal; wife, Bessy Johana Cardoza Gallo.

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