'Will You Engage in the Wrestle?' Sheri Dew speaks at BYU-Idaho devotional

“Questions are good. Questions are good if they are inspired questions, asked in faith, and asked of credible sources where the Spirit will direct and confirm the answer,” said Sheri Dew, CEO of the Deseret Book Company, during a devotional to students at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

The devotional was held in the BYU-Idaho Center on May 17. Sister Dew told the students to bring their questions to the Lord and enter the "ongoing spiritual wrestle" in order to obtain an answer. “The Lord loves inspired questions asked in faith because they lead to knowledge, to revelation, and to greater faith,” she said.

Sister Dew shared an experience she had with two BYU graduates who were struggling with their testimonies. Sister Dew asked both of them if they wanted to have a testimony. The first woman said that she did and that she was willing to work to gain it and keep it. Her friends, family and leaders helped her answer her questions from the scriptures and the words of the prophets. The second woman told Sister Dew that she did not want a testimony.

“One girl’s questions propelled her to become a seeker of truth. The other girl used her questions to justify her immorality,” she said.

She encouraged students to follow the first woman’s example and to work for their answers. “None of us are entitled to revelation without effort on our part.” Answers are not simply given. One must be willing to enter into a spiritual wrestle so the Lord can guide them and help them grow.

“Without plain old spiritual work, even God can’t make us grow — or at least, He won’t,” she taught.

Sister Dew said that, “Spiritual wrestling leverages the strength of true doctrine to overcome our weaknesses, our wavering faith, and our lack of knowledge.” Those who are willing to spiritually wrestle are seekers, she said. These are ones who want to increase the amount of light, knowledge and understanding in their lives.

An abundance of worldly sources will claim that they have the whole truth. However, they cannot give true answers because they do not have, and do not want, true and complete information. “There have always been and will always be charismatic men and women who can launch what sound like … reasoned arguments,” against the Church and its doctrine, said Sister Dew.

Therefore in order to receive the true answers, questions must be asked, “of the right sources … those who only speak the truth,” she said. Sister Dew listed the scriptures, prophets and the Lord speaking through the Holy Ghost as places true answers can be found.

“Questions are not just good,” she said, “they are vital because the ensuing spiritual wrestle leads to answers, knowledge, and to revelation … and greater faith.” Sister Dew encouraged students to become seekers who wrestle and work for answers by regularly studying the scriptures, work to become pure in heart and mind and then listen for the Lord’s answer.

Finally, Sister Dew reminded students that while they “don’t have to have answers to every question in order to receive a witness, bear witness and stand as a witness,” they, “must receive a witness that Jesus is the Christ and that His gospel has been restored,” in order to fulfill their unique mission in this life.

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