Readers invited to submit 'Moments' contributions

The weekly “Moments” vignettes that appear on the back page of each issue are one of the longtime mainstays of the Church News.

These are almost always drawn from the written contributions of readers who submit their remarkable experiences pertaining to missionary work, family history, teaching, service and other subjects within a Church context.

The “Moments” series includes the following titles:

“Missionary Moments.”

“Family History Moments.”

“Shining Moments” (generally highlighting service).

“Temple Moments.”

“Teaching Moments.”

“Pure Faith” (pertaining to the application of Church welfare principles).

“Family Moments” (pertaining, but not necessarily limited to, experiences with family home evening; this could relate to any warm or positive experiences with family).

“General Conference Moments” (experiences in attending conference, thoughts or impressions inspired by a conference talk, how a particular talk moved one to positive action).

Do you have something to share relating to any of the above categories? You are invited to tell about it in roughly 450 written words.

Email your submission to [email protected] Put the word “Moments” in the subject line.

Or mail it to Church News/Deseret News, Attention: “Moments”, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

Be sure to include your name with your ward and stake (so you can be credited as author) and a telephone number where you can be contacted for further information.

Contributions are subject to editing for length, clarity, style, and the mechanics of grammar, punctuation and spelling. No monetary remuneration is offered for “Moments” contributions. While publication is not guaranteed, each submission will be read and carefully considered.

[email protected]

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