Methodist choir performs for Mormons following service projects

In September of 2016, over 100 LDS children, teenagers and adults participated in service projects at the Carol City United Methodist Church and the Opa Locka United Methodist Church. Both are led by Pastor Joann Brookins. In a gesture of friendship, a choir from the two Methodist churches performed Christmas hymns for the LDS members on Dec. 11, 2016, as reported in the Miami Herald.

For the service projects, the Miami Lakes Florida Stake members, under the leadership of President Jim Robinson, came prepared with shovels, rakes, garden equipment tools, hammers, brooms and a pressure cleaner. This was the Miami Lakes Florida Stake’s third and fourth service projects with the African American community this year.

Pastor Brookins expressed her gratitude for the love and service given to her churches, saying, “You are a blessing you can’t even imagine.” As a continuation of the bonds of frienship with the LDS Church, an invitation was extended for Pastor Brookins’ choir to sing Christmas hymns in the Miami Shores Ward on Dec. 11, 2016, which she readily accepted.

The choir from the Opa Locka and Carol City United Methodist churches sang renditions of Christmas songs to the LDS congregation.

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