New temple president

Howard P. Heninger, 70, Rockyview Ward, Calgary Alberta West Stake, called as president of the Calgary Alberta Temple, succeeding President Ellis G. Stonehocker. President Heninger’s wife, Sharlene Brooks Heninger, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Glenda Stonehocker. He serves as first counselor in the Calgary Alberta Temple, and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, high councilor, volunteer assistant temple recorder and senior missionary couple. Retired president of Nortech Holdings, Inc., he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Donald Woodroe and Beatrice Marie Heninger.

Sister Heninger serves as assistant to the matron at the Calgary Alberta Temple. She previously served with her husband as a senior missionary couple, and is a former family history consultant and Public Affairs missionary. She was born in Holyoke, Massachusetts, to Ray Hal and Ila Bowen Brooks.

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