Education moment: An education that would 'help me keep my covenants'

A good friendship took Hyunook Kim all the way across the Pacific Ocean to a different continent.

“Hanjun Park and I grew up together in Ulsan South Korea” said Brother Kim. “We have always been really good friends. Hanjun attended LDS Business College and told me about it. He encouraged me to attend the school as well. But I was still not sure about coming to America.”

Pondering his options, Brother Kim went to his LDS district conference. “I was sitting and listening to the choir sing, ‘Come, Come, Ye Saints,’ ” he said. “In that moment I knew I needed to move to America. I also knew I wanted to be faithful to the gospel. I felt the LDSBC college culture would help me keep my covenants.”

It took Brother Kim a semester to prepare and improve his English skills so he could apply to LDSBC.

“I was so happy the first time I walked into the college,” said Brother Kim. “The students talked to me, even when I didn’t know them.”

Attending a school that focuses on the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has been one of the best experiences for Brother Kim. “I love starting class with a prayer,” he said. “It helps me be more focused in my studies. I appreciate how professors answer my questions here, and how you can approach them and have a one-to-one conversation.” He studies diligently to do his very best in school and applies the same pattern in his life.

Having played the piano since he was very young, Brother Kim decided to apply to be the piano accompanist for the BC choir. “I was the last person to audition and I’m so happy I got the job,” he said.

“When I first heard Hyunook play, I couldn’t believe how good he was at such a young age,” said choir director Rick Decker.

Brother Kim has since played the piano for BC devotionals, performed for Temple Square events at the Assembly Hall, and played for distinguished guests Elders Jeffrey R. Holland and Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

When Brother Kim looks back on his time spent practicing piano, he is pleased. “I’m glad my mom was really persistent with me taking lessons and practicing for many hours,” he said.

Following his unique experiences at LDS Business College, Brother Kim will transfer to Brigham Young University to pursue his education in mechanical engineering. Before he earns his bachelor’s degree, he plans to serve a full-time LDS mission, followed by two years of military service in South Korea.

— Laura Kasandra Matus Diaz, LDS Business College

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