New temple president to serve in San Salvador El Salvador Temple

The First Presidency has called the following new temple president and matron. They will begin their service later this year.

Alonso J. Figueroa Moreno, 74, Campestre Ward, San Salvador El Salvador Los Heroes Stake, called as president of the San Salvador El Salvador Temple, succeeding President Luis G. Chaverri Madrigal. President Figueroa’s wife, Silvia Margarita Quijano de Figueroa, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Julieta León de Chaverri. He is the first counselor in the San Salvador El Salvador Temple presidency and a High Priests group leader, and is a former stake president and bishop’s counselor. Retired accountant, he was born in San Luis Del Carmen, Chalatenango, El Salvador, to Moises Alonso Figueroa and María Angelina Moreno.

Sister Figueroa is an assistant to the matron at the San Salvador El Salvador Temple, and has served as stake Young Women counselor, stake Primary president and ward Relief Society president. Born in Zacatecoluca, La Paz, El Salvador, to Carlos Augusto Salegio and María Zolia Gloria Quijano.

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