Temple Moment: A witness

It was a beautiful day at the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple. I was thinking of my mother during the time I spent there. She died in 1980 and her granddaughter was getting married.

Activities associated with the wedding were completed, the schedules were finished, and we were in the sealing room.

I looked around and all the seats in the sealing room were filled with about 50 people. We were waiting. I glanced at all of those who were present. We were a family in the house of God.

I thought to myself, “What a beautiful occasion. I know my mother would have longed to attend.” I wondered if it were allowed.

Of all occasions in life, marriage is something that is special for mothers and daughters. This moment was filled with love, appreciation and joy. It was something that my mother would want, desperately, to witness.

I wished to have a personal witness that she was there.

I looked at the chandelier with its tiny, sparkling lights. I looked at the mirrors that reflected on and on into eternity. I glanced around the room at the walls, the ceiling and the people.

I looked for anything out of the ordinary that would give me a special witness, so I would know that my mother was here. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. My eyes detected nothing of special note.

Then suddenly, as if the two curtains on a stage were opening and inside that opening was an emotional feeling, I was overcome by feelings of empathy, appreciation and love.

It was as if someone had said, “You asked for a witness, well, here it is.”

I was struck with the thought that I had looked for an outward sign but I had received an inner witness. It was a witness, with such distinct and personal emotional power, that it was more valuable than anything I could have experienced with my eyes.

I was left with tears in my eyes as I leaned over to my sister, Thelma, on my left and said, “I asked for a witness that mom was here, and I just received it.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “I did too.”

— Ed Hendricks, Paradise Ward, Taylorsville Utah Stake

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