Watch: New Mormon Channel video showcases the challenges of divorce

“No one gets married to get divorced,” says Meggan, a middle-aged woman featured in a Mormon Channel video about divorce titled “His Grace.” “I just didn’t get fed emotionally or spiritually,” she says.

Released on YouTube Jan. 18, “His Grace” approaches the challenges of divorce through the experiences of Meggan. Married to a man she called her “best friend,” Meggan explains that the couple had known each other for 12 years. Getting married seemed the right thing to do.

“It was great for a while but after several kids and the stresses of life and law school and jobs and debts, connecting got harder and harder,” she says. “His goals got more and more different than mine.”

To complicate things, Meggan’s husband developed an addiction to prescription drugs. After fighting the addiction together and suffering through the withdrawal process together, the relationship continued but the marriage didn’t get any better.

“I didn’t come from a family of divorce so I didn’t know how to do it, so honestly I was terrified,” says Meggan. “I’m the oldest child as well, and I was terrified that I would just disappoint everyone. I stuck it out, and I stuck it out for a long time.”

Unexpectedly, Meggan’s husband announced he was leaving. What she had struggled and sacrificed to hold on to was now crumbling. But the sadness also brought with it an opportunity to move on.

“The advice that I’d give is that God has a plan, and it's not always the blueprint that you think it should be and so just listen and ask and be open to different answers. It’s all God. It’s all the Atonement.”

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