BYU-Idaho male students now outnumber female students, enrollment numbers show

Statistics for the Winter Semester 2018 at Brigham Young University-Idaho show student enrollment on campus and online continues to grow.

Official numbers show a total campus enrollment of 18,689 students, an increase of more than three percent from last year's winter semester's enrollment of 18,065. In addition to the students on campus are the more than 4,500 students who are taking online courses or completing an internship away from the campus.

A breakdown of the numbers shows there are 9,778 male students and 8,911 female students currently enrolled on campus. More than 26 percent of the total campus student population are married, and nearly 60 percent of the student body have served a full-time mission for the Church.

The current online enrollment is 11,513 students, which is nearly 20 percent more than last year's enrollment numbers.

The university is known for its student focused education, with faculty encouraged to focus on teaching, rather than research.

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