Temple work – a reason for older people ‘to get up and go’

At 96 years of age, Susannah Fackrell Jones thought she was past the age when she could be a regular temple goer.

She and her daughter, Alice Jones Lytle, 75, of Pingree, Idaho, talked about going to St. George and doing temple work. Both mother and daughter are widowed.However, the talk turned to action when the pair was called in 1987 as temple missionaries to serve at the St. George Temple, where they now attend regularly.

Sister Jones attends three or four sessions a day. Then her daughter takes her home and comes back for more sessions.

Sister Jones said she was "thrilled to death" with the temple mission call. "When they called me, I couldn't put it off," she said. "I might not get another chance."

She said her health is better now than before the call. "I have had my prayers answered quite often in being able to go to the temple each morning," she said. "I don't think I could do it without the help of the Lord."

Temple work, she said, "gives older people a reason to get up and go."