Church News remains a bargain

In most cities throughout the United States, the cost of a daily newspaper purchased from a newsstand is 50 cents to a dollar per issue. Those who purchase papers to read during lunch breaks, or on the bus or train ride home feel the cost is a bargain for the amount of information the paper dispenses.

A subscription to the Church News is a bigger bargain – even with the price of a year's worth of issues increasing from $11 to $12 per year, effective Sept. 1. Here are some facts to consider:For $12, the subscriber will receive 52 issues. Most issues contain 16 pages; at general conference time, they contain 24 pages. It all figures to less than 11/2 cents per page.

At the new price, each issue of the Church News will cost about 23 cents, still two cents less than the cost of a first-class U.S. postage stamp.

The $1 annual increase is being necessitated by the rising costs of newspaper production, including printing, postage and mailing services, according to Wm. James Mortimer, publisher of the Deseret News.