Visitors to square mostly non-members

A survey conducted among the throngs of visitors that continue to flood Temple Square indicates that nearly two-thirds are not members of the Church.

Visitors during July numbered 685,870, some 100,000 more than during June, which saw a record number of 563,114 people visit Temple Square.The survey, conducted for three weeks of July and one week of August, "provided some interesting and startling information," said Quig Nielsen, director of public relations on Temple Square.

Interviews were conducted with 1,000 visitors, who were found to come from all 50 states and Washington, D.C., and 26 other countries.

Visitors from California topped the survey at 10 percent. Utah was second at 7.5 percent, Texas was third at 5.6 percent, Arizona was fourth at 4.7 percent, and Pennsylvania was fifth at 3.6 percent.

From other countries, Germany was first with 5.7 percent, Canada second at 4.3 percent, and Switzerland third at 1.9 percent.

About 68 percent of the visitors came by car, 25 percent by air, and 6 percent by bus, according to the survey. About 66 percent stayed overnight at least once in Salt Lake City.

Some 62 percent of the visitors were not members of the Church. Of those, 19 percent were referred by friends, 17 percent read about Temple Square in a brochure, and 12 percent came because they had heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir on radio or television.