Primary board to prepare new music book

Information is requested about composers, lyricists of several children’s songs

The General Authorities have given approval for the Primary General Board to prepare a new children's song book. In preparing to publish the new book, general board members are seeking information on some composers and lyricists whose works are part of the Primary resources.

Anyone with information regarding the following names and titles is requested to write to Merilyn Whitehead in the Church Copyrights Office, 50 E. North Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, or telephone (801) 240-3959. Information needed on the composers or lyricists includes addresses, telephone numbers, birth or death dates. Those submitting information should include their own names and addresses in case additional information is needed.Composer/lyricistong

Bassford, W.R.`Can a Little Child Like Me"

Batshill, J.`A Song of Thanks"

Berg, Richard C.`Lift Up Your Voice"

Challinor, F.A.`Tell Me the Stories of Jesus"

Conant, Grace Wilbur`God's Love"

Davidson, Marcia`Westward Ho!"

Gordon, Grace`Called to Serve"

Hill, Patty Smith`Once Within a Lowly Stable"

Johns, Cecilia`Fun to Do"

Kiallmark, E.`Books in the Old Testament"

Kirkell, Miriam H.`Westward Ho!"

Kleinman, Bertha A.`I Have Two Little Hands"

Lowden, C. Harold`Tell Me, Dear Lord"

Major, Marian`When Grandpa Comes"

Mann, Margaret`I Pledge Myself to Love the Right"

Matthews, Daphne`Books in the Book of Mormon"

M.E.P.`Tell Me, Dear Lord"

Ogelvee, Louise M.`This Is God's House"

Ogelvee, William G.`This Is God's House"

Pheatt, Fanny Giralda`Sing Your Way Home"

Ponsonby, A.B.`Autumn Day"

Poorman, Nellie`God Is Watching Over All"

Remsen, F.`Lord, We Thank Thee"

Spencer, Bessie Saunders`When Joseph Went to


Seeley, Gladys E.`Father Up Above," and

"Before I Take the Sacrament"

Steed, Sharon`A Special Gift"

Stevens, Rebecca`Fun to Do"

Talbot, Nellie`Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"

Taylor, Daniel`Smiles"

Taylor, Elizabeth Cushing`God's Love"

Turner, Nancy Byrd`Stars Were Gleaming"

Wilton, Arthur`Be Happy"

Weston, Rebecca`Father, We Thank Thee for the


Wood, Lucille F.`I Wiggle" and "My Hands"