Books for LDS readers

In Reach Out, Elder Hartman Rector Jr. of the First Quorum of the Seventy writes that the methods of reactivation are as numerous as there are people, and no one established approach works for all. "But there is one overarching and undergirding principle that must exist if there is to be any hope of success," he wrote. "That principle is love."

Thus, Elder Rector begins his how-to book for reactivating wayward members with a chapter on using charity to encourage those who have strayed to come back into the fold. His book then emphasizes retaining new members by following the Convert Baptism Checklist. As a convert himself, he speaks from experience.The subsequent chapters help a person deal with obstacles arising in reactivation. The book has been kept short for a purpose, he concludes, so it can read and reread frequently. – KS