A priceless heritage all should treasure

Concerning Section 76, the Church Educational System's Doctrine and Covenants Student Manual states:

"While it is often called `the Vision,' Doctrine and Covenants 76 is a series of visions combined into one grand revelation: a vision of the glory of the Son (verses 20-24); a vision of the fall of Satan and the sufferings of those who follow him, who are the sons of perdition (verses 25-49); a vision of those who inherit the celestial glory and come forth in the resurrection of the just (verses 50-70); a vision of those who inherit the terrestrial glory (verses 71-80); a vision of those who inherit the telestial glory (verses 81-89)."Elder Joseph Fielding Smith, in chapter 54 of Church History and Modern Revelation, wrote that Section 76 has not been surpassed "in its sublimity and clearness in relation to the eternal destiny of the human family."

"It should be treasured by all members of the Church as a priceless heritage," declared Elder Smith. "It should strengthen their faith and be to them an incentive to seek the exaltation promised to all who are just and true."

Elder Smith further said, "It should be apparent . . . that such soul-stirring and exalting sentiments . . . could not come from the mind of man. . . ."