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"Unique and challenging experiences were mine for nearly a decade as I served as the general president of the Relief Society," writes Barbara B. Smith, in the prologue to this book. "Those experiences forever changed my outlook on the women of the Church and the women of the world."

In this book, which includes many of Sister Smith's experiences while serving as general president from 1974-1984, the reader learns more about the Relief Society program and the role of women in the Church and in the world. But even more important, the reader feels of the testimony of one woman who loved the Lord and her fellow beings and yearned to make a difference through service.Upon her release, Sister Smith's emotions were many and varied. But, "I did know of a surety that these years had been a very fruitful season and that the Relief Society would continue to grow and move forward, blessing the lives of all who would accept it as a gift from the Lord." – KR