Others saw glory, felt power, but did not see vision

Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon were not alone when they received the vision recorded as Section 76. One of those present was Philo Dibble, who wrote an account of the receiving of the revelation:

" . . . there were other men in the room, perhaps twelve, among whom I was one during a part of the time – probably two-thirds of the time, – I saw the glory and felt the power, but did not see the vision. . . ."Dibble further wrote: "Joseph would, at intervals, say: What do I see?' as one might say while looking out the window and beholding that all in the room could not see. Then he would relate what he had seen or what he was looking at. Then Sidney replied,I see the same.' Presently Sidney would say What do I see?' and would repeat what he had seen or was seeing, and Joseph would reply,I see the same.'

"This manner of conversation was repeated at short intervals to the end of the vision, and during the whole time not a word was spoken by any other person. Not a sound nor motion made by anyone but Joseph and Sidney, and it seemed to me that they never moved a joint or limb during the time I was there, which I think was over an hour, and to the end of the vision.

"Joseph sat firmly and calmly all the time in the midst of a magnificent glory, but Sidney sat limp and pale, apparently as limber as a rag, observing which, Joseph remarked, smilingly, `Sidney is not used to it as I am.' " (Juvenile Instructor 27:303-304, as quoted in The Doctrine and Covenants Speaks, 2:12.)